Personal cloud file storage
DipFo.com provides special facilities for your business - “Business plan”.
DipFo.com provides special facilities for your business – Business plan. This plan represents a cloud-based corporate storage for business with enhanced features and unlimited storage capacity for any work files: projects, archive documents, presentations, accounting documents, orders and payments, corporate correspondence, holiday photos, team building and corporate trainings and much more, - this is what your “Business cloud” means.
A shared connection to the cloud and files.

Shared cloud storage for your project. Unlimited number of employees in one account, thus documentation may be processed by various members of the company simultaneously. Just merge the DipFo.com users into working groups.

Select the “Business plan” configuration: a set of tools for working and required disc space. Print all necessary documentation online. Protect your personal files from viewing using a special code.


A simple but effective way to manage the entire work process of all employees of the company: compiling a common task list, control and schedule of their performance, convenient task list as folders with documents.

It will be easy as ABC to integrate all work documentation creating an interaction with the calendar that, no doubt, will help to clarify and order the workflow, making it more systematic.

Business trip certificate

Represents a special business plan section that envisages the possibility of setting business goals, implementation status of identified objectives, writing a report on the finalized work as well as to take advantage of integration of the maps and business trips.

As a plus, you will be able to estimate and leave comments as to the quality of the performed work, and, subsequently, to use a special developed score system, award your colleagues and employees with cash payment prizes.

Cloud photoreport

is a separate folder where all the photo reports of the completed work with the date of photo creation.

This function facilitates getting access to the reports created by your employees as well as their monitoring.

Cloud-based corporate blog

provides an opportunity to inform your employees about intercorporate events, financial success, event announcement that, on one hand, will create rather an informative and current environment for employee´s work, and on the other hand, will enable to avoid the inside information leakage as only your employees will have access to news.

Confidentiality and security

Confidentiality and security is the basic benefit of the personal DipFo.com storage as it provides absolute secrecy of loaded information and 100% of storage safety of any corporate or personal file.

Cloud chat

strictly intercorporate chat created for communication between the company´s personnel.

The chat provides an opportunity to appoint the administrator and moderator, for example, department managers as well as to discuss current tasks and plan development for forthcoming workweek.

Enhanced business opportunities of the cloud

every separate company registered in the DipFo.com personal storage is provided with a separate cloud space for file storage with a possibility to use hosting service, personal corporate email and dedicated servers.

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