Personal cloud for storing your files

Chat, notes, news feed, photos, tables and documents

All for your convenience
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Create groups
Comment on photos
Share files
Create, edit and manage spreadsheets and documents
Run a company blog and write notes
With dipfo you are easy and easy!
With our cloud storage service you not only free up space on your smartphone, PC or tablet, but also get new experience.
Quick registration process
and without long registration forms
24 hour access
Cloud storage access
24/7 DIPFO access
Create your albums,
archive your data and manage files
One Click
Upload your files to
the cloud with one click
Any type of files
Upload and store any type of files: photos, documents or videos
Unlimited storage space for documents
Create your groups, chat, share files, comment on photos, create spreadsheets, work with doc*, docx*, pdf* documents.
Get unlimited space to create documents, spreadsheets and notes!
Unlimited space
unlimited space for documents, spreadsheets and notes
500 MB
for office and media files
0.25 $
each 1GB extra storage space / month
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DIPFO file storage service brings new capabilities:
Convenient search by tags

Use tags to find the files you need in a couple of seconds.

With tags, you will not only save time searching for files, but also sort them in a convenient format: by date, event, names of friends who shared with you a joyful event.


Now you can discuss articles, photos or videos with your colleagues and friends.

Once you get access to DIPFO, you can leave a comment, ask a question or create a new discussion topic.

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Storage plan for

A cloud storage service for business with a set of free tools.

Create groups for collaborative work. Create collaborative tasks within your group. Create folders in your group, upload photos and videos, password protect your folders. Create individual and group notes. Manage corporate groups. Group chat for communication within your groups.

Create groups for collaborative work
Create, edit and delete collaborative tasks within your group
Create folders in your group, upload photos and videos, password protect your folders
Create, edit and print individual and group notes
Corporate blog
Group chat for communication within your group
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Advantages of DIPFO:
Global access to your files
You can upload new files from Europe, Asia, USA or some exotic islands.
Perfect 24/7 service
Server performance stability ensures safe storage and constant access to files.
Offline file storage
In case of your PC, smartphone or tablet failure, you can still get access to your files as they will be stored in the cloud.
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The cloud also provides some unique features:
  • Easy and user-friendly interface

    DIPFO interface allows you to easily edit texts and collaboratively work with spreadsheets, both in groups and individually. You can create a group chat, run a corporate blog, store your photos and videos.

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  • All important news are in one place!

    Our news feed for companies and users allows the group to view the most important daily or weekly news, promotional offers of the companies, photo- and video work completion reports etc.

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  • Planner and organizer

    With a new Calendar feature, DIPFO will help you to plan and organize your life. Our smart calendar allows you to add tasks to a selected date, to mark important events and upcoming activities.

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