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DipFo.com provides special business opportunities - "Family Plan".
Family plan is premium and jointly interlinked family-friendly account, a “family cloud” ensuring storage of personal files available to each of the cronies such as extended family members and close friends. Upon the completion of the procedure of “addition and binding” of a new user to the family plan, any of the family members will be able to add/edit/ share files, photos, videos and documents as may be thought fit. The framework of family plan foresees an unlimited number of users. The plan is marked by easy and handy addition of any DipFo.com user into the group of the family. User-friendly tools as well as special feature to extent the volume of disc space is available at option. The function of group administrator ensures the option to add or to delete any user from the group, to restrict minor children access to particular (labeled) files and other unauthorized operations which, should not be completed by the youngest members of the family from the perspective of adults.
The main advantages of the family plan:
Universal personal

Universal personal storage provides an opportunity to store the copies of all important documents in the family cloud.

Over the years, a family, as a rule, accumulates a large number of files of multiple formats and purposes. They may include matinee videos, weddings or happy birthday party, dozens of pictures, which are to be sorted by date or event.

Medical history

A medical history provides facilities to store files in the medical history section. Save your current medical tests, various medical extracts and certifications, physicians’ telephone numbers and addresses of hospitals, brief medical histories, including the list of corresponding medicines.

The account provides an opportunity to print necessary documentation for its examining by a doctor. Each patient has a possibility to introduce his/her parameters in the “Medical history” section, and, depending on the current weather changes, to obtain his/her blood pressure data.

Family organizer

A family organizer – is a kind of a list of completed, current and planned tasks for whole family: take up your child from school, visit grandmother on the weekend, clean your home, make a visit to a dentist, to wish a happy birthday to your friend and much more. You may leave your comments and feedback, hints and notes.


Travels – use a family plan for planning your journeys or a small family trip: store in your family cloud all booked air and train tickets, hotel reservation etc.

It is very convenient as you may write down a list with needy things and planned arrival time. All you need – just create a travel folder and save there all the necessary documents.

Personal documents

Personal records are files unavailable for shared access of all family members. It is better to store some data restricting children's access to them. Hence the personal nature of some documents, such as working files and business correspondence may be explained.

The copies of personal documents, such as passport, driving permit or vehicle registration certificate may be included here. You can create a password for this folder subject to additional charge.

Family chat for communication

A family chat for communication. Is indispensable assistant when you can’t be with your child, for example, when he or she stays with his/her grandmother or you are away on business.

It is quite convenient and easy way to keep in touch with your family, using a cloud chat in the DipFo.com personal system storage.

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